FN 29 WePay Stored Value Card (formerly 05-11-01)


This policy is applicable to all research studies conducted by the University of Pittsburgh (University) where compensation payments or expense reimbursements are made to research participants.  In addition, this policy explains the purpose and function of a centralized research participant payment system, known as WePay, which was developed jointly by the University and UPMC using a stored value card (Cash Card) as the method of payment. The Cash Cards are currently provided by and processed through RBS WorldPay (formerly RBS Lynk), which is a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland through its U.S. operating group, Citizens Financial. Should this vendor change, notice will be provided to appropriate individuals or groups.


Category: Financial
Section: Purchases and Payments
Effective Date: May 1, 2009
Last Reviewed: May 1, 2009
Responsible Unit:
Responsible Executive: Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer 
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