Mission and Goals


To support the University of Pittsburgh’s shared governance, the Office of Policy Development and Management (Policy Office) facilitates the development, review, approval, and maintenance of University policies; makes policies accessible to the University community; maintains an efficient and transparent policy development process; and fosters collaboration by engaging stakeholders across the University community.


  1. Increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness by overseeing a policy development process that remains transparent and produces a comprehensive, timely, consistent, and relevant set of policies covering key aspects of the University community.
  2. Enhance the accessibility of policies in order to help increase compliance and reduce risk, including through the maintenance of an easy to use central repository.
  3. Increase engagement and accountability in policy development across the University through the management of the University’s policy development process and partnership with University stakeholders.
  4. Provide editorial support, training, tools, and other guidance to members of the University community to help them in performing their roles in policy development and to encourage clarity and readability in University policies.
  5. Keep University policies, procedures, and standards current with relevant authorities and best practices found at other Universities