RI 09 Sponsored Projects - Effort Reporting/Certification (formerly 11-01-07)


This document sets forth the University’s policy on effort reporting and certification of salary charges to sponsored projects administered by the University. It applies to all employees whose salaries are charged, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, to sponsored projects and to all employees involved in certifying the effort of these individuals. This policy is supported by the Financial Compliance for Research Department whose website includes multiple reference materials which provide detailed information on the use of the University’s effort reporting system and necessary compliance requirements.


Category: Research & Innovation
Effective Date: December 19, 2012
Last Reviewed: December 19, 2012
Responsible Unit:
Responsible Executive: Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
Policy Contact:

Procedure(s) and Supporting Documents

Please refer to the policy and/or the policy contact for any accompanying procedures, supporting documents, and/or forms.