RI 06 Research Allocations (formerly 11-01-06)


This policy establishes that annually negotiated and variable funds for support of research by Schools and major Centers are replaced by a computed and predictable "research allocation." The research allocation will be a budget line item and will rationalize and stabilize unit resources for infrastructure and other support of research. It is related to indirect costs (IDC) recovery, i.e., to the level of sponsored research activity and, therefore, is self- adjusting for inflation and increased sponsored research activity. It will make University hard money support for research readily visible to faculty and encourage and reward diligent IDC recovery. The explicit and predictable annual research allocation helps relieve academic units and senior administrators of difficult recurring research budget negotiations. It encourages and permits longer range and more ambitious research planning by the Schools and thereby enhances progress of the University.


Category: Research
Section: Research
Effective Date: February 13, 1995
Last Reviewed: February 13, 1995
Responsible Unit:
Responsible Executive: Senior Vice Chancellor for Research
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