Process for New and Revised Policies

University Policies will be established and revised through a process containing the following steps:
  • A proposal to initiate a policy development process is submitted to the Chancellor for approval. 

  • For each approved proposal, a Charter must be prepared and submitted to the Chancellor for approval. This Charter must define: the objective and scope of the policy development or revision; establish a process (generally a committee) to prepare a draft proposed policy or policy revision and its supporting documents; and define the review process and the stakeholders involved. Prior to approval of the Charter, the Chancellor will consult with the University Senate. Approved Charters will be posted by the Policy Office to this website. 

  • Each approved Charter must define the requirements of the policy development or revision process. That process will be managed and supported by the Policy Office. Changes to the development or revision process must either be consistent with the terms of the Charter, or a new or amended Charter must be approved by the Chancellor.

  • A final draft policy must be submitted to the Chancellor for approval. The draft must be accompanied by a summary of the input provided during the review process defined in the Charter. The Chancellor will inform the University Senate of the final decision to approve or not approve the draft policy.