ER 19 Workers' Compensation (formerly 07-06-02)


This policy establishes the responsibility of the University, as defined by the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act (PA WC Act), to compensate employees for injuries sustained or exposure to an occupational disease hazard during the course of employment. This policy also establishes guidelines for modified duty work for employees who are receiving Workers’ Compensation lost wage replacement, so they may perform productive work within the functional limitations imposed by a work injury or illness. In compliance with the provisions of the PA WC Act, the University is permitted to self-insure its workers’ compensation liabilities. Therefore, the University retains a third-party claims administrator (TPA) to administer WC payments as defined by the PA WC Act and as managed through the University’s Office of Risk Management (ORM).


Category: Employment Related
Section: Employee Support
Effective Date: February 1, 2012
Last Reviewed: February 1, 2012
Responsible Executive: Senior Vice Chancellor - Chief Financial Officer
Responsible Unit: Office of Risk Management
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Procedure(s) and Supporting Documents

ER 19 Workers' Compensation Procedure (formerly 07-06-02)