FN 05 Competitive Bidding (formerly 05-02-16)


This policy establishes competitive bidding requirements for the University. Competitive bids and price quotations should be obtained on goods and services purchased by the University and should be obtained in a manner that provides, to the maximum extent possible, open and free competition. This is accomplished by adhering to formal competitive bidding procedures, soliciting requests for quotations and proposals, and negotiating pricing agreements.


Category: Financial
Section: Purchases and Payments
Effective Date: September 5, 2017
Last Reviewed: September 5, 2017
Responsible Unit: Purchasing Services Department
Responsible Executive: Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
Policy Contact: Panther Express Customer Service 412-624- 3578

Procedure(s) and Supporting Documents

Please refer to the policy and/or the policy contact for any accompanying procedures, supporting documents, and/or forms.