AC 39 Guidelines on Academic Integrity - Student and Faculty Obligations and Hearing Procedures (formerly 02-03-02)


This document contains a set of principles which shall be applicable to each of the academic units throughout the University. A student desiring information about an academic unit's specific procedures and the makeup of its Academic Integrity Hearing Board may obtain a copy of the procedures and other necessary information from the Office of the Dean, either in the academic unit in which he or she is registered or in the academic unit in which a particular course is taught. Additional information or guidance may be obtained from the Office of the Provost. Copies of this document and guidelines for academic units should be distributed by the deans to all instructional staff in each academic unit.


Category: Faculty and Academic
Section: Academic Integrity
Effective Date: September 2005
Last Reviewed: September 2005
Responsible Unit:
Responsible Executive: Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor
Policy Contact:

Procedure(s) and Supporting Documents

Please refer to the policy and/or the policy contact for any accompanying procedures, supporting documents, and/or forms.