Policy Listing by Category

Below is a central repository of all policies, procedures, and standards that apply throughout the University. The Policy Office is currently in the process of updating the materials that appear in this repository, so each reflect the University's updated format and appearance for policies. If you have any questions about this site, or the University's policy repository in general, please contact our office.

Administrative and Organization

Administrative and Organization policies establish responsibilities for the management and organization of the University.

Business and Operations

Business and operations policies establish responsibilites pertaining to the use and mangement of facilities and property, health and safety, and support services.

Development and Alumni Relations

Development and Alumni Relations policies concern fundraising and alumni-related responsibilities.   

Faculty and Academic

Faculty and academic policies address academic objectives and criteria for evaluating and establishing academic programs. This category also includes faculty related human resource policies.


Financial policies establish fiscal objectives and criteria for budgeting, control, purchasing, payment, and reporting of transactions.

Human Resources

The Human Resources policies address objectives and criteria associated with the employment process and condictions, benefits, and medical information.

Information Technology

Information Technology policies establish and define the control and use of University information technology resources.


Research policies concern the objectives and rules pertaining to research-related activities.  


The Student policies pertain to the activities that govern the student lifecycle at the University from admissions through graduation.